Sunday, February 18, 2007

New Race for NeoExodus: Sasori

Here is the next in the line of NeoExodus races, the Sasori. Here is a little bit about them:

If locating hidden information is the most important thing in Exodus then keeping that information secret is worth killing for, worth dying for. In Exodus, the Sasori have cornered the market on keeping secrets and burying the bodies of those who couldn’t keep secrets. As deadly as the poison that flows through their veins, the Sasori have a long history of being Exodus’s most impressive information brokers and the purveyors of any passion, flesh and desire that one can dream of and some are afraid to. They are said to hold or have access any and all information that resides in Exodus, including the location of Kaga hidden fortress. But as equally impressive as their ability to hide secrets is their ability as assassins and hired killers. Many have fallen to the venomous nature and poison filled blood of the Sasori. Anyone who was been on the receiving end of Sasori vengeance knows if you live to talk about it, then their gods must have been looking out for that individual on that day.