Thursday, March 10, 2016

Crisis of the World Eater Kickstarter Update - March 10 update

We are into week 2 of this Kickstarter and we are moving forward to glory!!!!. Let’s take a list of the current rewards: 

And with less that $2,000 until we reach out next threshold goal, you know we are going to keep adding amazing things to this kickstarter. And with this new updated we are adding ANOTHER reward level:$299 - Incredible Level Reward:
  • You get a collected full color hardcover printed version of complete Crisis of the World Eater campaign serial. 
  • You get PDF copies of all the adventures and side treks of Crisis of the World Eater.This rewards include all stretch goals that are reached. 
  • You design a random encounter event and get your name in the credits of a published adventure. LPJ Design will work directly with the donor to create a theme-specific random encounter! Monster? Trap? Natural Hazard? NPC Interaction? You decide! These events appear in the encounter deck stretch-goal (when unlocked). 
  • You will be able to pitch your ideas for future 3PP original content over Skype and you'll join the ranks of fully credited designers in the Crisis of the World Eater book. 
  • Also you will to submit up to three (3) feats, three (3) spells, three (3) magic items and / or three (3) monsters (subject to design review, see FAQ) for Crisis of the World Eater book OR future LPJ Design or 3PP release. Final decisions on the creative content will be made by the design team.
  • Limit 15 people
As this is our second week we are having our next Bonus Backer Objectives. This week we want you to tweet a photo of your 3PP or Pathfinder Stuff. #3PPStuff OR #CrisisOWE. So spread the word and help us reach even higher rewards! This is the best, easiest thing you can do for us to make become even more successful.

Don’t forget about the Creative Contributions! For as little as $50, you can sponsor to name a person, place, or thing in the Crisis of the World Eater! And for as little $100 you sponsor the artistic interpretation of a character, creature, or action scene illustration in an adventure of your choice. These are two great rewards for those who want to get MORE involved with the kickstarter and be immortalized in a gaming product. Not a bad deal for $50.

So let's keep it going and continue to make this kickstarter an even greater success! Talk to you later...

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