Thursday, February 11, 2016

[LPJ Design] For a Limited time, Crisis of the World Eater Prequel - A Warning Too Late is PAY WHAT YOU WANT!!!

For a limited time, Louis Porter Jr. Design’s Crisis of the World Eater Prequel - A Warning Too Late for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game at and is PAY WHAT YOU WANT!!! Here is information on this product:

All across the world, an unexpected psychic broadcast seeps into the mind of every living thing, filling their minds with portents of death and destruction. Tens of thousands of people, especially those attuned to magical forces, are driven to suicide. The Confederated Nations, the world’s most bountiful empire, immediately launch an investigation, tracing the broadcast back to the Kray Wasteland. The wasteland is the result of the Kray Comet striking the world just over a century ago, a thousand miles south of the Capitol of the Confederated Nations. Officially, it is too irradiated to enter safely, but facing the possibility of another deadly broadcast, they have little choice.

Instead of a crater, however, the supposed impact site is home to a squat, grey complex. Decades ago, this now-abandoned laboratory was used to endow a dedicated group of warriors with extraordinary abilities. Only three of these super-warriors remain: the powerful Vault, the clever Synapse, and the raging Ozone. Drawn by the same broadcast that killed so many others, they have returned to the Complex. They know what lies at the center - not a meteor, but a powerful entity from another world, who arrived here nearly a century ago with a grave warning.

But the PAY WHAT YOU WANT pricing is limited until February 28. So if you are interesting and want to pick this up for an amazing price, NOW IS THE TIME!!! Don’t wait and miss out. 

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