Monday, December 14, 2015

Are you really supporting 3rd Party Publisher of Pathfinder?

Pathfinder fans you would think after getting nearly 20 3PP for Pathfinder together to work on a Kickstarter I would be getting more love from the gaming press. But it looks like Known Direction, EN World, The Escapist, Geekdad, Nearly Enough Dice and Geek Native have missed the initial boat on this. We sent out press releases for nearly two months straight to them with our upcoming kickstarter Crisis of the World Eater and release. I told them it was inspired from Dc Comics Crisis on Infinite Earths meets Marvel Comics Ultimate Galactus Story! You know what I heard from them? Nothing. Silence. Cricket sounds.

Why? I’m not sure. We have received great coverage from sites like Roleplayers Chronicle and GMS Magazine who understood how amazing and difficult this would be. They treated us like were we family. But those other news site? Just absolute silence. The reason I think this is weird because we have been able to give away over 1,000 copies of our prequel adventure, Crisis of the World Eater Prequel: A Warning Too Late. Even more interesting is that we received a 5 stars + seal of approval from Endzeigst (the most prolific review of Pathfinder RPG material) and all I hear from these “news sites” is a whole bunch of nothing. That sad part is that I am used to to it now.

That is why we are doing the Crisis of the World Eater kickstarter for the fans of Pathfinder. Because, we want you to be as excited as we are when we pick up the dice to see if we make that save to see if your character lives or dies. We are doing Crisis of the World Eater to make sure you can have the most fun possible with the gaming systems that keeps on thriving. We want you to tell stories about Crisis of the World Eater like you talk about playing the Jade Regent or Reign of WInter adventure path. I want the support of those who want more amazing adventures to play for Pathfinder. Doesn’t it sound reasonable to support someone who supports you?

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