Wednesday, October 28, 2015

[LPJ Design] Obsidian Apocalypse: Sinful & Vile Feats for The Pathfinder RPG Now available

Louis Porter Jr. Design, has released Worlds of Obsidian Apocalypse: Sinful & Vile Feats at and Here is information on this product:

A dark star fell from the sky bringing with it the end of all things! The sanctity of the world known as Abaddon was shattered when a global apocalyptic event of a meteor impacting the planet causing a destructive ecological and eldritch change. Now there is no day or night, just never ending Apocalypse. An undead world ruled by fear and horror. Inside this book you will find you’ll need to add more interesting and unique feats to your exciting adventures in Obsidian Apocalypse:
  • Over 35 all new feats including 
  • New Bard Archetype: Singer of Praise 
Available at RPGNow!

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