Sunday, June 14, 2015

Next Stretch Goal - Owen KC Stephens and the Iconic Time Thief!!!

This powerhouse of a kickstarter keeps going and going! We just added the four Stellar Dragons reward to this kickstarter and NOW we are moving on to the BIG TIME. Owen KC Stephens is a game designer who need no introduction. His reputation for quality, professionalism and expertise is known in the gaming community. All I can say it is great to have Owen come home to NeoExodus. So as of right now we still need everyone support to reach this goal. I mean who doesn't want a cool Time Thief iconic add to the already impressive list of iconic created during this kickstarter?

After we reach Owen's threshold reward, we move on to the last of the Stretch Goals 1 with the Dragon Lords (the Infinity Dragon and the Apocalypse Dragon). With all that awesome support for the Conflict and the Stellar Dragon, this is only a matter of time until we close out the Stretch Goals 1 and move onto Stretch Goals 2. So please go to the kickstarter and help make this dream come true!!!  As always, thanks for your support!

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