Monday, June 1, 2015

$2,000 Threshold Goal – New Iconic Aegis from Dreamscarred Press

Before I started this kickstarter, I sent out messages to several of the 3PP that I knew asking them for help on some threshold goals I wanted to do. One of the first to respond was Dreamscarred Press. LPJ Design and Dreamscarred Press has had a LONG relationship with NeoExodus going back to the Secret Societies of NeoExodus: Section Omega source book which they were kind enough to write for us. So it only made sense to see if they would do us another favor and do an iconic class for NeoExodus. One of my favorite classes from Dreamscarred Press was that of the Aegis.

And with that I wanted a version for NeoExodus. So after a few message back and forth we all agreed. So when we reach our goal of $2,000 we will unlock this this threshold goal. Help us make this dream come true with your support of this kickstarter!

Click here to support the NeoExodus Campaign Setting Update for Pathfinder RPG Kickstarter!

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