Tuesday, January 6, 2015

First week into 2015 and one product done...

So and I am keeping my promise to myself and I am attempting to keep the crazy schedule of releasing one product a week.  The first product of 2015 is Obsidian Apocalypse: Player's Guide. Here is some of the cool thing you will find in this sourcebook:

  • Exalted Racial Archetypes: Guardian angel (cleric) and Avenging Angel (barbarian)
  • Genesai Racial Archetypes: Abaddon Pariah (ranger) and Dark Comic
  • Harrowed Racial Archetypes: Harrowed Predator (barbarian) and Grave Caller (summoner)
  • Infernal Racial Archetypes: Demonspawn defender (paladin) and Demonic Servitor (oracle)
  • Khymer Racial Archetypes: Hemotheurgical Leech (sorcerer)  and Body Snatcher (rogue)
  • Lykian Racial Archetypes: Lykian Throwback (alchemist)
  • Osirian Racial Archetypes: Hellfire harrier (gunslinger) and Arcane Tattooist (wizard)
  • Clockwork Promethean Racial Archetypes:
  • Clockwork Cavalier (cavalier), New Greatwork: Mobius Body and Augmentations (Mobius Body)
  • Flesh Promethean Player Options: Wildman (Druid) and Shattered Soul Seeker (Inquisitor)
  • Raijin Racial Archetypes: Sword of Vengeance (fighter)
  • Uzamati Racial Archetypes: Rift Mystic (Monk) and Uzamati Hexes
Expect to see this VERY soon at RPGNow.com, DriveThruRPG.com and Paizo.com.

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