Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas goodness is coming along like a freight train!!!

Good news on TWO fronts for LPJ Design! First, Clinton Boomer’s upcoming masterpiece Obsidian Apocalypse Lexicon: Sinful & Vile Feats (based off of his 31 Haunted Day series) is going to editing so expect to see in on the digital shelves VERY soon. This is one of my favorites since it gave us a time for Clinton to play in the Obsidian Apocalypse setting and give us some CRAZY things to make the setting even more interesting. Second and a little more to home, the all new computer for LPJ Design has shipped and out it way to the HQ. Many of you may not know that the current computer I am working on is over six years old and on its last legs. I am known to work computer to their deaths and it is nice to know that I am getting a top of the line Alienware Area-51 -- -- to get me tot eh next level of graphic design and begin my new skill set of learning film editing. So expect for 2015 to be a HUGE year of creativity for me.  Talk to you later…

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