Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Androids in NeoExodus and their inspiration…

I always wanted to add androids to the world of NeoExodus from the original idea and creation of the Kaga. I mean, if we have a sentient “computer system” how far could other artificial entities like androids and robots be? Cut to Paizo adding the Android to the Bestiary AND to their Iron Gods adventure path. So with that the rules for Androids have been created. Once they did that, I started thing was to add them to the NeoExodus setting where there would not be an issue with the original races, while at the same time how to make sense of all this. That was the easy part; the hard part was to understand them as a race. And with that I went to my old playbook of comic books and pulled out something from my past that seem to work almost perfectly with theses android. And with that I had to go to Valiant Comics  and specifically to Psi-Lords.

I like the idea of a caste system that I saw on Babylon 5’sMinbari with Psi-Lords also seemed to develop their own with the colors of Red, Orange and Yellow for the Psi Lords. So I carried over this idea for Androids for NeoExodus, which I renamed and how the androids refer to each other as Kagan. I guess you can figure out who created them.  So like the Minbari, the Kagan are split into the three castes of warriors, workers and religious. Any class can belong to whatever caste they choose. That is really for the choice of the player, but this adds some interest ideas and concepts to what PCs might be. I mean a Kagan Alchemist of the warrior caste might be very different from a Kagan Alchemist of the religious caste. Plus personally it make more sense for the Kaga to have created the Kagan. The Order of the Kaga sourcebook has proven that it is only a logical extension of the Prestige Classes of the Auger and Harbinger.

With all this said, we will be making changes to the normal stat blocks for the android race. I want to make them a little more interesting to those that play them for NeoExodus. I mean there are a few ideas that I think might work well with them. I guess you have to wait and see. Talk to you later…

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