Thursday, September 4, 2014

T minus 21 Days until the start of the Cross of Fire Saga Adventure Path Kickstarter for Pathfinder

The time ticks closer to the start of the the Cross of Fire Saga Adventure Path Kickstarte for Pathfinder Role Playing Game. Today we learn more about the actual start to the adventure, Havoc of the Mind’s Eye by 2014 RPG Superstar Victoria Jaczko.

Part 1: Havoc of the Mind’s Eye

Nothing is as it seems in the blasted countryside surrounding the insular fortress-town of Lockgate. For weeks, the people there--locals and outsiders alike--have been terrorized by a creature they only know as the Beast. It strikes fast and vanishes, leaving behind mutilated corpses to find. The town’s lord has issued a reward for the death of the beast and a band of monster hunters have answered. The seer traveling with the PCs leads them straight into the heart of this mystery where it becomes quickly evident there is more at work than a simple ravaging monster. Can the PCs unearth the true source of Lockgate’s horror?

Havoc of the Mind’s Eye is an investigative horror adventure for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The scenario is designed for four 9th level PCs, and is suitable as a single horror tale or as the second episode of the Cross of Fire saga. By the end of the adventure, the PCs will either die screaming or reach 10th level.

We keep giving you more and more twist and turns in this adventure path. Giving you a chance to understand the world of Abaddon and the Obsidian Apocalypse campaign setting better and better. Fans of Pathfinder and the horror genre in general will find the Cross of Fire Saga Adventure Path not only to be fun and exciting it will be revolutionary to what they are normally use to see. Talk to you later…

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