Friday, June 20, 2014

Trying something different with ads AKA Hello Canada!

I am trying something different. Over at our Facebook page I am attempting to promote our page to reach 500 likes. We are very close to hitting that number so I wanted to find ways help move us along to that, so I decided to promote my page on Facebook. Not really that big of a deal. I have done this before and it has worked out OK, BUT this time I did something VERY different for me. I only am promoting our LPJ Design Facebook page in Canada. That is right. I did say it. CANADA!!!!! Why? I feel there are a fair number of Pathfinder gamers in Canada who have not been “exposed” to the awesomeness of LPJ Design. So now I am attempting to see if we can give our brothers and sisters from the area of the maple leaf some LPJ Design love. If you are in Canada, play Pathfinder and have not liked us on Facebook, NOW IS THE TIME!!!! So while I am waiting to all you fans to like us, I hope you will be sending me a care package with All Dressed Potato chips and some Tim Horton’s coffee and donuts. O Canada! Talk to you later…

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