Monday, April 14, 2014

LPJ Design goes Mythic with Templates - Unstoppable

So as a little side project, Jeff Lee was kind enough to tackle the Mythic rule set here at LPJ Design and finished a short PDF that we are working called Mythic Add-Ons: Templates. And just so you can see it before you buy it here is a sample of what you can expect in this PDF.  And I am sure if you are a comic book fan, you might guess where this was inspired from. Enjoy!

Unstoppable (MR 1 or 2, CR +1)
Creatures with the unstoppable template have strength, durability, and will above and beyond their lesser kin, brutes that can run roughshod over most opponents, and nearly impossible to slow or stop when on the move. Like a juggernaut, an unstoppable creature can mow down anything in its path. If the creature has 11 or more Hit Dice, this simple template grants a mythic rank of 2 instead of 1. An unstoppable creature's quick and rebuild rules are the same.

Rebuild Rules: AC increase natural armor by 2 (or 4 if creature has 11 or more Hit Dice); hp mythic bonus hit points (see sidebar); Defensive Abilities gains DR and resistance to all types of energy as per table 2, as well as fortification and second save (see sidebar), and a +4 to its CMD vs. bull rush, grapple, overrun, and trip combat maneuvers; Special Attacks +4 to bull rush and overrun combat maneuvers, and double damage on charge attacks.

Hit Dice
Energy Resistance

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