Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Updating the LPJ Design Website - Part 1

So for some reason I have decided to rebuild the LPJ Design website. The reason I am doing this is to test out my newly acquired skills while use the program, Adobe Muse.  I have found Muse to be a excellent way to develop visually beautiful websites without have to do all the silly coding that takes away from the design aspect of web design.  Many things that would have taken “much longer” have been easily created as widgets saving time and keeping creativity to a high. While this new website process is on-going, feel free to take a look at the changes I will be implementing and comment on them. Good, bad or otherwise.  And don’t be afraid to tell me that we did something that sucked. We want to know when we have done something wrong to. 

For any of those graphic or web designs that are interested in using Muse and want to get a first-hand account of it, please feel to contact me direct and we can speak further about it.  Talk to you later…

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