Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Missed Kickstarter opportunities – one major, one minor for Pathfinder!!!

Two kickstarters that I have been interested have just gone live at kickstarter: The Unhallowed Horror Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure Path and Dragon Kings. OK while both of these went live BOTH of them missed something very simple and easy. Neither of them in their titles actual mention the words “Pathfinder” in them. While I was able to find The Unhallowed searching the work Pathfinder, I was not able to find Dragon Kings unless I searched for the name “Dragon Kings”. While this is a minor issue, it is something that could have been handled is seconds.

While the previous issue was minor, here are a major issue for BOTH of these kickstarters. While looking over the rewards for The Unhallowed Endzeitgeist on the Paizo forum brought up this issue:

Also: Ships within US only? :/ I would contemplate joining for dead tree, but since all options for dead-tree are US-exclusive, I guess that's not possible. Please contemplate adding a level for your international demographic.

Come on no shipping outside the US? Guys it is 2013 you can mail things worldwide for a “reasonable price”. Forget overseas, you guys wouldn’t even ship to Canada? Why would you not let Canadian and oversea donors get what they want? That is a MAJOR missed opportunity.

Dragon Kings even out did this missed opportunity. Here is what I wrote in a Paizo forum post :

It is up now!!!......BUT I noticed that they DON'T have a level where I can just get the World Book PDF ONLY. At $70 (the lowest level where I can the world book PDF) I can get a LOT of stuff, but I just want the world book PDF. PLEASE make a level for just the world book pdf. Thanks!

The cheapest PDF version I can get is $70? And with that, a major opportunity missed to get my money and apparently several other donors who felt the same way in that thread. Guys, put in a $20 PDF only version and get all that money you are “leaving on the table”.  I am sure they will reach their goal but I am sure they could have done it A LOT faster with that little change.  Talk to you later…

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