Monday, September 23, 2013

Transparency Agenda #33: Examining Top Ten sales 3PP Sales on for Week Sep 20th

Another week has gone and now is time for another round to reviewing the statistics from Let’s do the quick over view:

September 6th the Top Ten consist of:
Kobold Press – 1 product
Legendary Games – 5 products
Minotaur Games – 1 product
Pathfinder Paper Minis – 1 product
Super Genius Games – 2 products

September 13th the Top Ten consist of:
Kobold Press – 2 products
Legendary Games – 4 products
Minotaur Games – 1 product
Pathfinder Paper Minis – 2 products
Super Genius Games – 1 product

September 20th the Top Ten consist of:
Frog God Games – 1 product
Kobold Press – 3 products
Legendary Games – 3 products
Minotaur Games – 1 product
Pathfinder Paper Minis – 1 product
TPK Games – 1 product

As with last week, we had another week of surprises AND somethings things staying the same.

First off Jason Bulmahn pulls of the hat trick (I still don’t know what that really means) with Minotaur Games stayed #1 for the third week in the row with Rule Zero: Underling. Jason said on Facebook that he did not think he could get to three weeks as number one. I guess he was wrong about that one. Can he pull out four weeks as #1? I guess we will see next week.

Kobold Press adds ANOTHER product to the Top Ten increasing their numbers to three and taking the top #2, #3 and #4 spots with Advanced Races 2: Darakhul Ghouls, Dark Fey and New Paths #7: The Expanded White Necromancer.

Pathfinder Paper Minis reduces their number of product to one and took the #5 spot with the all new just released The People of Belhaim. The other two products that were listed last week is no where to be found on this top list. Does this signal something about Pathfinder Paper Minis' staying power?

Legendary Games lost ANOTHER product from the Top Ten spot this week reducing their number to only three product (from a high of five products in the Top Ten just two weeks ago) taking the #6, #7 and #10 spots with Mythic Magic: Core SpellsUltimate Battle and finally Ultimate Rulership in at #10 for the 2nd week in the row.

And some very INTERESTING news we have TWO ALL NEW companies breaking the Top Ten for the first time in over the last TWO MONTHS!

First we have TPK Games with their The Deductionist Base Class coming in at #8. It seems this one is getting good reviews and people are interested.

Finally we have the fan favorite Frog God Games entering the Top Ten at #9 with Tomb of Horrors 4. More monsters from Pathfinder fans is always welcome it seems. 

Other VERY interesting facts to notice after being on the Top Ten list for eight weeks straight, SuperGenius Games does not make it this week in the Top Ten.  Apparently this was the week for the “two new upstarts” of TPK Games and Frog God Games to make their make in the Top Ten. Will Super Genius need to "step up their game" this week to regain this elite status and positioning in the Top Ten? 

Looks the competition for online exposure on is getting tough for a lot of the 3PP out there. Can Minotaur Games keep holding on to the #1 spot or will Kolbold Press finally break into the #1 spot which has eluded them for the last eight weeks? Will Legendary Games lose more product spots to the new up and coming  3PPs looking to break into the Top Ten or are they planning a return to former fame with the release of new products? With being off this list for nearly a month, will we see Rite Publishing return to the fray of the Top Ten listing or are they just waiting for the right time to return to their past glory? What do think about this? What gets you interested in buying a products? Tell me what you think! Talk to you later…

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