Friday, August 23, 2013

Looks like TWO issues have popped up with Obsidian Apocalypse in a BAD way…

Well I kind of expected one of these two issues, but now with both of them I might have to do some jumping through hoops to get this book to stay on time to release when I have actually panned. 

First off, it looks like this project is going to go over project. This is not really a surprise but it is an issue.  I knew this was going to be an expensive book so I planned for that, but even still I added some more artwork and several high end writers to make sure this was a well-made project.  And that cost money.  So here we are with that one. But I was prepared for this so it is a “non-issue”.     

Secondly, looks like the page count of the book is going to be more than the original 150 pages I planned on. With that it mean the layout out has to be changed which effects EVERY PAGE I have already done (which is 118 so far).  In the simplest words, I have to start over and redo the layout from the start.  This sucks, BUT it happens often in the world of layout and graphic design.    Back to square one.

So I guess you can figure out what I will be doing this weekend.  Talk to you later…

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