Sunday, April 28, 2013

Here is a crazy Kickstarter idea: How about a 100% transparent kickstarter so you can see everything?

Since we are planning to do a 4-part Empire of Tears Pathfinder RPG adventure saga for early 2014, how about if LPJ Design had a completely 100% transparent kickstarter. I mean that we will let you see EVERYTHING we are doing on this from all sides including behind the scenes? I mean 100% full disclosure.  We will tell you what we are paying the writers, editors and artist.  We give you the info on how many pieces of artwork we are looking for. We'll tell you how much writing we are planning to use. We'll tell you how we can use cool ideas to keep cost down while at the same time making this kickstarter even cooler than you know. I will even tell you when people flake out, people I tried to get but it didn't work out and who I had to get to replace them.  I think this would be a good opportunity to get a better understanding of how to do a successful kickstarter and what you can do to make it even better. 

Would you interested is seeing how we do that? Do you think that is something people fans and business folks would like to learn and read?  Please let us know and if we get enough interest, then we will have a completely transparent Empire of Tears kickstarter.  Talk to you later…

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