Saturday, April 6, 2013

Announcing our next Kickstarter coming January 2014 – Empire of Tears Adventure Path

So JP and I have been talking about this and since this is 9 months away I though NOW would be a good time to start talking about it.  We are planning to do a Kickstarter for a 4-part Adventure Path for Pathfinder called Empire of Tears. This is going to be a “crossover” type adventure path meaning you will start in your home setting and you will be travel to all kinds of interesting location including the world of Exodus home to the NeoExodus: A House Divided campaign setting.  So even if you have never played in the NeoExodus campaign setting, you can enjoy this adventure path and expose you to all the excitement of NeoExodus you have heard about this all new, and all different Pathfinder setting.  So right now that is all you need to know. Just start saving your dollars for Empire of Tears. And if you are still wondering what this adventure path is about, we are going to leave you with this:

Is not servitude preferable to extinction?
– Widowmaker Scarlet 

Talk to you later…

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