Friday, March 15, 2013

The Ten Day $1,000 Kickstarter AKA Blitzstarter!!!

I have had an idea of doing a very super short, HYPER focused kickstarter for a Pathfinder project.  Ten days to complete and reach the goal. That is it. I don’t even want to call it a kickstarter; I want this to be called a "blitzstarter".  What kind of product can I make with $1,000? Well let’s see:
  • 35K words written (roughly 50 pages) at 1 cent a word: $350
  • 35K words edited at 1 cent a word: $350
  • 3 Half-page pieces of artwork: $200
  • Graphic Design & Layout: Free
  • Amazon’s 10% Cut: $100

Now the fun part let’s say this is a 50-page full color product. Well first I sell it at,, and for a sale price of $5.99. I then go over to and send my PDF files to POD printing for a sale price of $15.99 direct to customers and 60% off the consumer cost for traditional distribution for retailers for a sales price of $6.40 per book.  CreateSpace will charge me roughly $3 a book to make and ship to buyers.

OK, did you understand all of that? Good. Now he is the fun part, since you did the blitzstarter you already paid for the cost of your product to get produced. Anything that you sell at this point on is 100% PURE PROFIT!!!!  You sell the PDF = Profit! You sell the POD to customer directly = Profit!  The retailer sells the POD to customer = Profit. Profit!!! Profit!!!  Profit!!!  Ta-Da!!!!!  

Blitzstarter does not sound so silly anymore now does it? Well maybe it does. But at least you can laugh your way to success AND the bank. Talk to you later…