Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Is LPJ Design Authentic?

Sounds like a silly question right? But is it really that silly or that simple to answer? I believe I am authentic. But what does that mean. Does it mean that LPJ Design is authentic with it relationship with our customers? How about with the games we design? How about the kickstarter projects we do? How about the things that influence us like films, books, animation, cartoons, comic books and whatever? What makes us authentic at LPJ Design is you know when we are being authentic and when we are faking it. Here is a full list of the product lines when have done:

  • D20 Shakespeare = authentic 
  • Deathmate Records = NOT authentic 
  • Haven: City of Bronze = not authentic 
  • Haven: City of Violence = VERY authentic 
  • Haven: Full Metal Zero = authentic 
  • Image Portfolio = authentic 
  • Lost Classes = authentic 
  • Modern Day Maps = not authentic 
  • NeoExodus = authentic 
  • Obsidian Apocalypse = authentic
  • OGL Super Powered = authentic 
  • Pirates of the Bronze Sky = not authentic 
  • Polymecha = authentic 
  • Sidetrek Adventure Weekly = authentic 
  • Sanctuary: City of Secrets = not authentic 

It is simple. Everything that I am authentic about I’m always looking for way to bring it back and do it again. The other stuff, well ask you when was the last time I talked about it. This is just a little something for you to think about next time when you are thinking about buying something LPJ Design. Talk to you later…