Sunday, August 19, 2012

With 15 Days Left, we’re only 20 donors a day away from our goal!

Based on our current standings, we are looking to add 20 donors a day for this kickstarter. We currently are adding 4 donors a day on average. That is right; we are looking to increase our donor rate by a multiple of five. Best of all, and I know many of you will think this sounds crazy, but I know we are going to reach that number of donors. The reason why I know? It is simple. People want fun Pathfinder RPG settings to play in. There are TONS of kickstarter Pathfinder adventures attempting for funding and people have supported them, but there are only a few campaign getting for Pathfinder (NeoExodus being one of the best). Obsidian Apocalypse is a sequel/update to an ALREADY successful Pathfinder campaign setting.

The only problem with an adventure is that they are built with an ending already in mind. Slay the dragon. Steal the treasure. Save the princess. Whatever it is, there is going to be an ending. Obsidian Apocalypse is built to be played and keep growing for as long as you want it to. Why support adventures that you play one and never see or play again OR a campaign that you can play for years even decades that is always different and changing? With some of the high cost companies and people place on kickstarter donations, which one sounds like the best deal for you and your money? Thanks for the support and tell your friends of the great stuff we are doing here. Click here to go and become a donor.