Monday, August 6, 2012

WE DID IT! We made our $5,000 goal at Kickstarter!!!!

First of all, a hearty THANK YOU to everyone who has pledged so far. We at LPJ Design love and are very thankful for our backers. The level of passion and enthusiasm that you're showing really makes us feel that this has been MORE that worth the creation and development of this project. We've been developing Obsidian Apocalypse & Obsidian Twilight for several years now and seeing the response we've gone live has really been an amazing experience.

Now that we've reached the $5,000 successfully funded level at Kickstarter, now we can focus on our many higher and more daring threshold goals, since we still have nearly 30 days left on this kickstarter. If you look down to our Benchmark Threshold Goals we still have several benchmarks at $5,500 thru $10,000 and two more additional hidden goals planned. So don’t think this is over, it is just the beginning as we bring you MORE AND MORE excitement with kickstarter. So once again I will say, thank you all that have supported us to this point and the many more that will be supporting us in the future.