Thursday, August 30, 2012

4 Days Left: New Donor and Benchmark Thresholds and Reward Add-ons

The end is near as they say. We have been running this Obsidian Apocalypse kickstarter for over a month and soon it will be nothing put a pleasant memory. With less than 100 hours left I am still pushing for the goal of $20K and with that we have added new Donor and Benchmark Threshold s and Reward Add-ons to keep you who have already donated interested in this kickstarter, and to push those who have been on the fence about it.

For those interested in the full color version of Obsidian Apocalypse the only way you will be able to get it is during this kickstarter. We are not making extras to sell in store or even sell at the LPJ Design website POD Store, so don’t expect to see them there. You might do a little better with the B&W version, but if your local store didn’t order it, most likely they will not be getting a copy. Obsidian Apocalypse is a special gift for the fans of LPJ Design and Pathfinder RPG. We want the right people to support this kickstarter. We want you who love Pathfinder, survival horror, zombies, undead, post-apocalypses, Dark Sun and Ravenloft to support us on this kisckstarter. As I have said it many times with NeoExodus being my love letter to Babylon 5; this is my love letter to the original Dark Sun and Ravenloft campaign setting from TSR. So go out and tell all the gamers you know that this kickstarter is coming to the end and now is the time to donate. Don’t be one of these that said I WISH I would have supported it. As always, thanks for your support on this project. Click here to make this project a success and be part of it!