Monday, June 25, 2012

JP might be right…I know it sounds scary right…

Last week, JP and I were talking about Obsidian Apocalypse and he was giving me “feedback” on what he thought about it. (And when I say “feedback” I mean JP was cursing me out, yelling and point at me and calling me stupid and all kinds of names OR as all call it a typical Thursday.)   After this “feedback” meeting, I took some of his ideas to heart and I starter to work on them in rough draft form in my head. 

On Sunday while sitting down and making some notes of the Obsidian Apocalypse setting, a little voice in my head asked me a very simple but profound question: Why are you making this setting?  My first answer was the typical one of want to do another cool setting that people showed interest in.  Then my little voice in my head asked me an even better question:  Why was I focusing on Obsidian Apocalypse instead of NeoExodus?

And that is when it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I think I was using Obsidian Apocalypse as a distraction from my NeoExodus work.  I mean I have TONS of NeoExodus work to do, but I was placing all to the back burners for Obsidian Apocalypse. While Obsidian Apocalypse is exciting because it is the new shiny toy, NeoExodus is what I have been focusing on for five plus years.  Plus most importantly doe we really need ANOTHER campaign setting for Pathfinder? I mean there are tons coming out already for Pathfinder and no matter how exciting it will be, do I really want to build a complete support system for another campaign world setting? I barely have enough time for NeoExodus, why the hell do I think I have enough time for  NeoExodus and Obsidian Apocalypse?  So after all the thinking and contemplating, I decided that it is best NOT to do Obsidian Apocalypse as a campaign setting. I would be silly to a full blown setting for Obsidian Apocalypse. 

But then the little voice in my head said (As you can see my little voice is WAY TOO TALKITIVE) that since I have already paid for the writing and artwork, instead of making an OK campaign setting, why don’t you turn it into an  AMAZING one of a kind adventure. A kind of adventure that does homage to the original Ravenloft adventure where players get a taste of the setting with the adventure without all the baggage of what a campaign setting must have.  And with that, Obsidian Apocalypse is NOW going to be an adventure. We are still going to do the funding with kickstarter so all that says in play. Better yet, if one of my conversation at the upcoming PaizoCon goes well, I hope to announce that we be attaching a VERY WELL known name in the horror genre for Pathfinder to this adventure.
I think this is the better move for Obsidian Apocalypse in the long run. I am “planning” for this adventure to be between 32 to 48 pages in length with fantastic new artwork. So be sad there will not be a Obsidian Apocalypse campaign setting, BUT be VERY GLAD that we are going to do a adventure that will go down in the legendary chronicles of Pathfinder adventures.  Once again thanks for your support of us and this change.  

Well I guess JP can be actually right, once and a while. But so it a broken clock. Talk to you later…