Sunday, February 12, 2012

Remember that missed opportunity for Gamer Ingenuity I talked about?

Last week I told you about Paizo doing their Player Character Folio and how that was going to effect Gamer Ingenuity.  Now I read the thread over at Paizo, and I noticed that this product is going to have pockets, JUST LIKE Gamer Ingenuity's version.  WOW! Here is the comparison: Gamer Ingenuity's Complete Charcater Folio with 12 pages, interior pockets with no PDF for $7.95 OR Paizo's Player Character Folio with 16 pages, interior pockets, and PDF for $9.99. Which one are the one you think the Paizo fan base is going to buy?

Better yet, I have to figure the print cost of the Paizo sheet is going to be about 50 cents each (at the volume they will be printing) plus 25 cents each for development at production equals 75 cent to make.  So each one they sell direct they make $9.24 and each one they sell via store distribution they make $3.74.  A long time ago I head a rumor that a 3PP of OGL material sold over 30K unites of their OGL character folio and it was there best selling product of all time.  I am willing to bet Paizo sells a lot more than 30K.  I wonder if Paizo will thank Gamer  Ingenuity for doing the product testing for them on this product to see if doing it was viable? Something to think about next time you are developing a product.  Talk to you later...