Monday, December 12, 2011

Support the cause! Support 3rd Party Publishers of Pathfinder!

I completely understand that the world isn't fair. Some people are going to get more than others. It doesn't make it right, it just makes it reality.  But even knowing that the world isn't fair, it doesn’t stop me from doing something that other would consider insane and even silly. Like telling people when it comes to gaming, it doesn't matter if something is official, it only matter if it is good.   That’s right I said it. If the rules work, no matter who made them, just use them.  Even better, you have to remember every person who makes a 3rd Party product for use with Pathfinder IS SUPPORTING PATHFINDER. I believe most 3rd Party Publishers (3PP) are like LPJ Design: They have amazing love of what Pathfinder is and want to make sure other people can enjoy it as much as they do.  Best off all we know that Paizo will not be able to or even want to cover every genre in fantasy in Pathfinder that people would like to see.  The people at Paizo are very busy and have to pick what is best for them in the long run. While at the same type we 3PPs can make the niche product that Pathfinder fans can find useful.  Better still, many of the people who make 3PP products have worked for Paizo in the past as a freelancer. So if you loved their creation when they worked for Paizo, why would you not love what they are doing as a 3PP?

So this weekend, while working on our upcoming kickstarter project, I came up with a few little banners that said it best about 3PP, Pathfinder and the fanbase.    

300 x 250

468 x 60

728 x 90 (Re-sized to fit on screen)

So if you support 3PPs, Pathfinder or Paizo take a second, save these banners (please don’t hotlink) and place these banners up at your website, blog, forum or anywhere you think it makes sense.  Like I said, when you are supporting a 3PP, you are supporting Pathfinder.  Talk to you later…