Thursday, December 15, 2011

The moment I am proudest as a publisher...

A few days ago I got this email:

Sorry to bother you, my name is Graham  and I am currently taking a Web Development Course up in Canada.  For my final Project I have to create a Web Site and I have chosen to do one based around your Campaign setting of NeoExodus (which I very much enjoy).  With your permission I would like to use the NeoExodus Logo and some imagery as part of my assignment.

and my answer of course was sure just let me know what you need. And today in my email I got this:

Thanks again for letting me use your stuff.  I thought you might be interested in seeing the site before I hand it in.  It's only my first semester so it's not super-pro or anything but I figured I should let you see it before the Prof wipes the files for the holidays.  (I still have to give it a once over for spelling and broken links and such before I hand it in but it's pretty much finished.)

(Hiding link for now - until his professor approves the work)

Thanks again and I'm looking forward to seeing more of what you come up with.

I think it looks great and he did great work. It's nice when your work inspires other people. This is the moment I am proudest as a publisher.  Talk to you later...