Thursday, December 8, 2011

Exposing Pathfinder to more people is what the NeoExodus Kickstarter Adventure is all about...

As anyone who comes to this blog knows that all the members of LPJ Design are more than just fans of Pathfinder, we are evangelist for Pathfinder. The folks at LPJ Design talk about Pathfinder with that same excitement a football fans talks about the playoffs or a NBA fan talks about the playoffs. Pathfinder and getting people to play and enjoy Pathfinder is serious business to us here at LPJ Design. So when the idea of supporting Pathfinder with Free RPG Day product and help spread the excitement of Pathfinder came up, all of us were excited. But one little thing held us back.

See on September 30, 2011, I, Louis Porter Jr. was let go from my position as webmaster. While I didn't like that it happened, I knew it was going to happen so it was not a surprise. My former employer did a great job to make sure I received a nice severance package from them to get myself and family through for a while. So with all this going on I talked it over with my wife and she agreed. I decided to do something I talked about doing for years and I always wanted to. I decided to take a crazy chance on myself and make LPJ Design my full time job. Thanks right, I became a full time game designer. Over the last few months, I have been moving in the direction to help generate interest in what we at LPJ Design have been doing. And what we do is make amazing products for use with Pathfinder.

The crown jewel of LPJ Design's support of Pathfinder is NeoExodus: A House Divided gaming line. Though I have been working on NeoExodus for the last 4 years, it wasn't until JP Chapleau joined me, that things started to click. And now, we have created the newest, most exciting Pathfinder supported campaign setting in the RPG industry. NeoExodus is unique in just about every way compared to any other released or upcoming fantasy setting but best of all, our focus is not trying to "another" Golarion type fantasy setting. We don't want to be Golarion. We want to be NeoExodus and that is the point. Some people like vanilla ice cream, some like chocolate ice cream and some other like Rocky Road. We made sure everything about NeoExodus would be different from Golarion, but at the core, we would STILL be a Pathfinder fantasy campaign setting and that is what is important.

We are not looking to add all kinds of new rules and complexities to the NeoExodus setting. Pathfinder has already created a well built and balanced gaming system of play with the game engine of Pathfinder. We are just looking to give you a completely new look and feel at what a fantasy setting could be. We gave people a chance to look over the setting when we first released NeoExodus Chronicles: World of Exodus absolutely for free and we just released the finalized PDF version of the NeoExodus: A House Divided Campaign Setting. The print copy of the campaign setting will be available in retail game stores by February / March 2012 giving people a lot of time to experience the excitement and amazement in the setting. When Free RPG Day comes in June 2012, this NeoExodus adventure; with the Jon Brazer Enterprise's Shadowsfall: the Temple of Orcus succesful kickstarter adventure; in addition to the Pathfinder Free RPG Day adventure will be another piece to help grow the overall success of Pathfinder in the RPG market.

Like the title of this blog post states: Exposing Pathfinder to more people is what the NeoExodus Kickstarter Adventure is all about. That is the real reason we want you to support us with our kickstarter project. Thanks for your support. Talk to you later...