Wednesday, March 16, 2011

History and Geography of Nova Avalon for Pirates of the Bronze Sky Part 4

Lady Port

Founded in 5,980 S.R. just far enough off the main trade routes to avoid Monarchy patrols, Lady Port has become a haven for privateers and freebooters of all stripes. The town’s governing council claims the name is a homage to Mother Liberty and the freedom for which she stands; most visitors figure the name refers to the port town’s countless whore houses. Lady Port is officially a free city. Even before the Mutiny began, the town had no love for the Monarchy, and those with enough gold could disappear there, no matter what their crimes or how high the bounty.

Sheltered in hard to navigate coastline, Lady Port is difficult to find. Almost invisible from the sky, most Lady Port’s docks are hidden inside a deep, artificial cavern cut into the side coastline. Newcomers require a native guide to find their way to the free port, and even veteran sky-sailors have difficulty finding their way back.

Lady Port is ruled by a governor, at least on paper, but crime cartels and thieves guilds make all the important decisions concerning the city’s welfare. The Perfumed Guild, which controls the sex trade in the city, is one of the loudest voices on the crime council. No outside power has control over Lady Port, though all the nations- even the Elves!- have spies and listeners scattered across the free city. For adventurers and privateers, Lady Port is a place to rest and resupply, to spend their gold and fence their loot. For anyone sane, though, Lady Port is a good place to get a cut throat.


Lady Port Humans

The citizens of Lady Port are mongrels from a hundred different nations and races, the unwelcome refuse of the living sky. Lady Port is a den of thieves, liars, pirates and whores, which makes it an ideal place for adventurers to visit. The men and women of the port city respect nothing more than they do skill with a rapier and a quick, scheming wit. Humans from Lady Port who assign their ‘floating’ attribute modifier to DEX or CHA receive the following national trait.

Chaotic (SU): Lady Port’s citizens have no time for laws. As fundamentally Chaotic creatures, even if an she another alignment, she is affected by spells and effects targeting alignment as if she were Chaotic in addition to her true alignment.

False Colors (SP): Once per day, a citizen of Lady Port with a CHA score of 11+ can cast undetectable alignment on herself. Her caster level is equal to her character level. Lady Port’s citizens usually reserve this useful trick for when they’re tying to pull off the big cons.

Gambling is everywhere in Lady Port, from card games to dice to pit fighting. Lady Port’s scum receive a +2 racial bonus on Profession (gambler) and Sleight of Hand checks made to cheat at games of chance.

Witches fled to Lady Port from the Black Season- a bloodline feat available only to Lady Port humans

Port Regal

Port Regal has remained firmly in Monarchy hands, even during the worst of the fighting. This wealthy port city lays a few days windward of High Harbor. Before the Mutiny, Port Regal was always second-class in comparison to High Harbor: a smaller port, shoddier shipwrights, fewer great theaters or opera houses, no cathedrals worth mentioning. But since the Mutiny began, the ‘second city’ of the colonies has become invaluable to the Monarchist war effort.

The citizens of Port Regal are loyal to the Monarchy, and the port town has no time for rebels or iconoclasts. Revolutionary sentiment by a neighbor is quickly reported to local Crown Marines, and strangers are viewed with suspicion, unless flying Monarchy colors. The once quiet port town has become a bustling military garrison, which has brought both prosperity and pressure to Port Regal. Day and night, ships unload guns and off load Monarchy marines. Every inn and private home is crowded with Crown Marines under temporary garrison. Soldiers are as common as mayflies on Port Regal’s streets. More Kaylethon marines walk the streets here than anywhere else in Avalon.


Port Regal Humans

The citizens of Port Regal consider themselves citizens of the Monarchy first and foremost, and take any opportunity they can get to spit on the Avalonian tricolor. Most have some militia training, and every able bodied Port Regal man has been pressed into duty with the Monarchy’s Crown Marines. Port Regal values loyalty above all, and strength and discipline somewhere after that. Humans born in Port Regal who assign their ‘floating’ attribute modifier to STR or WIS receive the following national trait.

Loyal to the Crown (SU): Belief in the superiority of their way of life gives Port Regal’s citizens strength in the face of adversity. When using the Aid Another action to assist another Port Regal or Monarchy citizen, or a Kaylethon loyal to the Monarchy, the bonus provided is +4, not +2 as normal.

Citizens of Port Regal begin speaking Common and Kayleon, as a result of the city’s influx of Kaylethon shocktroops.