Tuesday, March 15, 2011

History and Geography of Nova Avalon for Pirates of the Bronze Sky Part 3

The Avalonian Mutiny

Tensions between Avalon and the Monarchy were increasing even before the brash Harold Retarius III took the throne, and his ascension only worsened the split. Over the three centuries of its existence, the Avalon colony had developed its own unique character, as different from its Monarchist beginnings as a daughter is from her mother. In the colonies, instead of the cold and fearful worship of Justar, Jada Rainbringer was venerated in her guise as Mother Liberty. Unlike the stodgy, traditionalist Monarchy, the citizens of Avalon had little time for class distinctions or for the old prejudices. New opportunities and new dangers meant the old prejudices held little meaning, and many Redeemed Monsters flocked to Avalon, hoping to stake a claim to a patch of land and win a reputation slaying dragons and Drow. Often considered heretics by their parent nation, the young Avalonian nation chafed under the old rules.

The colony’s lack of representation in the House of Freefolk had been a sore point for decades, but when King Harold III passed an unpopular series of new tariffs upon the colony to punish them for one imagined heresy or another things reached a boiling point. Intensely religious, King Harold III saw it as his duty to eradicate the worship of Mother Liberty. Where his mad grandfather had tried and failed to eradicate the new faith with witch burnings and a short lived but bloody spate of executions a century before, Harold III strove to do the same through economic pressure.

Formerly genteel protests in hand printed broadsheets and quiet debate in gentlemen’s clubs quickly turned angry. Soon after King Harold III was crowned the colonists began talking seriously of seceding from the empire. A new generation of Avalonian heroes began considering a new form of government- a great republican experiment where all men were equal and the country had no need of Kings.

In 6,103 S.R. years of political infighting and increasingly militant protests in the crown erupted into true violence. General Arthur Gruenwald, once a revered Crown Marine and now commander in chief of the Avalonian Militia, and a small band of followers seize the Monarchy port at High Harbor. Loyalist troops are executed, and Gruenwald seizes the Monarchy’s ships to form the backbone of his armada. Gruenwald’s colors- the Liberty tricolor, a bold and instantly recognizable symbol of the utopian ideals sweeping Avalon.


Avalonian Humans

Rugged, individualistic and unwilling to compromise in the face of injustice, the men and women who proudly call themselves Avalonian are a diverse lot. These proud rebels are united by revolutionary passion and a dislike for the rigid and often cruel laws of the Monarchy. Unlike the class-conscious Monarchy, Avalonian respect hard work, common sense and courage. Humans born to the colonies, who assign their ‘floating’ ability score modifier to either CON, WIS or CHA receive the following national traits.

Fearless in the Fray (EX): Avalonian souls are tough and indomitable. When actively engaged in combat, Avalonian humans receive a +4 racial bonus on WILL Saves against fear.

Avalonian colonists have to know the land and seasons to survive. Avalonians receive a +2 racial bonus on Survival checks.

High Harbor Humans

High Harbor is Avalon’s largest and busiest port, a bustling city that never seems to sleep. Night and day, skyships disgorge cargo from across the Living Sky, unload weapons and deliver fresh troops to Mutineers. Currently, High Harbor is in Avalonian hands, and is a proudly rebellious town. The Mutiny began here, with General Gruenwald’s impressive victory over an unprepared Monarchy fleet. The citizens of high harbor are proud and hard working, and won’t tolerate any slight to their bustling city. Suggesting that High Harbor is any way inferior to Magistera is a good way to start a tavern brawl. Any human born to High Harbor who assigns their ‘floating’ ability score modifier to either STR, INT or CHA receives the following national traits.

Pride of the Sky (SU): High Harbor is home to most of Avalon’s ship-wrights, and the city is known for its sprawling, efficient naval yards. High Harbor citizens are at their best with a skyship deck beneath their feet, and receive a +1 luck bonus on all saving throws when aboard a skyship.

Tireless Workers (EX): High Harbor’s citizens are strong and healthy, unafraid of a little sweat. They receive Endurance as a bonus feat.

Sunfall Township Humans

The Sunfall Township is the oldest human settlement in Avalon, and today’s Township is built roughly five miles, as the crow flies, from the original settlement. The first colonists were annihilated by Drow raiders, not realizing they had built their settlement almost directly caverns leading to the Drow’ undercities. The offensive against the Drow began at Sunfall, as new generations of colonists came to avenge their forebears and reclaim their settlement. Men of Sunfall Township are tough and battle-hardened, and view the Drow with absolute, unreasoning hatred. Humans born to the Township who assign their floating ability score to either STR or WIS receive the following national traits.

Hatred (EX): Men and women from Sunfall Township receive a +2 racial bonus on attack rolls against Drow, as a result of special militia training against these hated foes.

The men and women of Sunfall Township have better eyes than normal humans, as a result of generations of night warfare against the Drow. They possess lowlight vision and can see twice as far in starlight or dim illumination as an ordinary human.