Thursday, February 17, 2011

[LPJ Design] Obsidian Eclipse for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Available

Louis Porter Jr. Design has just released its newest product to their highly successful post-apocalyptic survival horror campaign setting, Obsidian Twilight; Obsidian Eclipse Book 1: The Well of Dead Flesh.  Obsidian Eclipse is a LovecraftianHorror sourcebook for use with the Obsidian Twilight campaign setting or any setting looking to add horror into their home campaigns. Obsidian Twilight Campaign Setting is available at and  Here is information on this product:

Obsidian Eclipse is the first of a series of adventure and resource books for the Obsidian Twilight game setting, which is written for the Pathfinder RPG. The aim of these books is to provide some more background information, useful rules expansions and easily used adventures to aid in the playing and understanding of the Obsidian Twilight setting. Obsidian Eclipse is a series of adventure and resource books for Obsidian Twilight. Each sourcebook will explore different aspects of Abaddon and fill out some of the details about the world, its people, magic, societies and other details as well as showing how these work in the context of an adventure. These adventures can work as starting points for your own adventures or as ‘side quests’ from the main thrust of your campaign, splashes of local color and incidents while the broader material can inspire and influence your campaign and spark new ideas or add individuality to your player and non-player characters.

Inside this sourcebook you will find:
Background on the temple-city of Abu-Krahzaan
Background on the Maggon-Kin
New Creature: Maggot-Kin, Maggot-Kin Ghoul, Skin-Thralls,
New Feats: I Know Death, Exotic Weapon Proficiency - Bone Pipe, Necro-Energist,
New Spells: Heaving Grave, Down Among the Dead, Corpselight,
And the adventure for characters from levels 1-3 & 4-6 players, The Well of Dead Flesh.

Written by James ‘Grim’ Desborough.  Available at Paizo and Available for RPGNow.

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