Saturday, February 5, 2011

Coming Soon - Secret Societies of NeoExodus-Section Omega

With all the great help of Dreamscarred Press on this, we will be releasing the first LPJ Design / Dreamscarred Press joint product for use with Dreamscarred Press own Psionics Unleashed and the Pathfinder Role Playing Game.  Secret Societies of NeoExodus: Section Omega adds the ability to play psionic characters for the upcoming NeoExodus: A House Divided campaign setting.  Jeremy Smith of Dreamscarred Press do all of the gaming mechanics for this sourcebook so you know they fit in well with the material in Psionic Unleashed.  Save you money because this is going to be worth it to you psionics fans.  Secret Societies of NeoExodus: Section Omega releases February 11th.