Thursday, October 14, 2010

Deadly Trap Thursday - Holocaust Grass

Holocaust Grass (CR 7)
Holocaust Grass is a common blight upon the prairies and savannah. This parasitic weed grows rapidly, and its long brownish stalks are coated in a highly combustible resin. The plant’s main root grows in a gnarled tangle both under and above the ground and is very easy for an unwary man or animal to trip over. The roots are coated in overlapping calcium plates, which strike against each other to create sparks… sparks that can quickly ignite into an ocean of flame. Within seconds, an entire prairie can be aflame. Holocaust Grass has durable seed pods that can easily survive the blaze, and benefits from the nutrient rich ash.

Type: natural hazard
Perception: DC 15
Disable Device:
DC 15
Trigger: Touch (natural tripwire)
1d6 rounds
none (new plants are seeded each season, though)
Effects: 6d6 fire (REF DC 20 half). Multiple Targets (all targets within the prairie, which varies in size from 100 ft square to several miles square)

Fires started by Holocaust Grass patches can range for several miles, depending on the size of the infestation and burns for 1d6 rounds before the entire grassland is scorched to ash. Seeing an entire prairie catch fire is an amazing sight, but one best viewed from a distance.