Thursday, September 9, 2010

Two upcoming monsters for Obsidian Twilight - A Place Beyond Hell

Since I am waiting for art work to come it I thought I might let you take a look at the write-up on two all new monster created for Obsidian Twilight: A Place Beyond Hell.  Please let me introduce the viral macrobe and void elemental.  Talk to you later...

Viral Macrobe

The Viral Macrobes are the result of peculiar experimentation undertaken by the H'Laqu resulting in gigantic versions of diseases that can sweep the land in a manner perhaps even more grotesque than their normal sized counterparts. Viral Macrobes inject their prey with complex organic materials which rapidly deform and repurpose the flesh of their target into more of their own kind. An encounter with a single macrobe can rapidly descend into a desperate battle for survival as men fall and burst asunder into more of the infectious creatures. Viral Macrobes appear as almost spherical, football sized, free-floating orbs, covered in long, spines which are their method of attack. They are not remotely intelligent and attack on reflex, often operating in swarms that aggregate simply because they all act instinctively in the same way.

Void Elemental
Not everything that comes across from the void between the worlds is the H'Laqu. Nothingness grasps for form, something spontaneously appears out of nothing just as the worlds themselves have spun out of emptiness. As the H'Laqu push through from the other side they bring nothingness with them and this emptiness takes form, even a crude intelligence. The Void Elementals are bubbles of this intelligent 'nothingness', free to float and roam and consume in a simple, animalistic search for substance. Void elementals appear as free-floating 'holes', punched through reality, distorting light around them and granting a vision of the darkness of the void beyond. As they feed they become smaller and smaller until they are negated by the very substance that they seek to consume, tearing holes in material reality as they do so.