Saturday, August 14, 2010

LPJ Design partners with Moody Illustrator to Produce NeoExodus Miniatures

LPJ Design partners with Moody Illustrator to Produce NeoExodus Miniatures

Louis Porter Jr. Design and Ean Moody of Moody Illustrator today announced  a new partnership that will see Moody Illustrator producing miniatures release to support LPJ Design successful D20 and now coming to Pathfinder rule set, NeoExodus: A House Divided setting. The NeoExodus Miniature line is set to debut in the Fall 2010 with fantasy miniatures supporting the main NeoExodus: A House Divided campaign setting, supplements and adventures.  All miniatures will be created using the three-dimensional printing services of to create the NeoExodus Miniature line.  This miniatures will be exclusive thru Moody Illustrator’s website shop.

"LPJ Design is delighted to be working with Ean Moody on this project," said Louis Porter Jr., CEO of LPJ Design. "The NeoExodus: A House Divided setting is an exciting and interesting gaming world for fans of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. This first of its kind partnership will strengthen LPJ Design in the RPG industry. We're proud to be a part of such a groundbreaking enterprise. Since We worked with Ean on Obsidian Twilight this seemed as a perfect fit"

With the formal release of the upcoming Enemies of NeoExodus: The Folding Circle PDF and Print-On-Demand Book, the initial five miniatures based off of the leader of the Folding Circle (Makesh, Nysska, The Destroyer, Emok Zenyaka and Haru Anon) with more to come on a monthly basis to coincide with the release of additional NeoExodus: A House Divided setting material. 

“With the advent of three-dimensional printing it has made possible a long time dream of mine.  The NeoExodus Miniatures is only the first step to building a larger and more influential RPG companies and brands,” commented Porter.

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  1. Oh, interesting! A different approach to minis. What material will they be in?

    I'm really interested to see how this compares to traditional minis in price and quality. And does it simplify the process? I'd think so, because it reduces the effort involved to "someone that can do 3D modeling" and "the company that has the 3D printer"...

    Now if only they were painted... WotC's quality isn't that high but I pretty much gave up buying unpainted minis a long time ago, unless it's something I really have an investment in (a character I'll be playing, a really major NPC).

  2. @mxyzplk: Here is the list of the material they will be in:

    We hope to offer CUSTOM and PERSONALIZED minis that you the customer can create if this does well.