Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A real FAN of LPJD and Obsidian Twilight...

I few days ago I wrote about  The Difference Between Sales and Fans in my post and this morning I got this email: 

Dear Mr. Porter,

Thank you for your kind gift of the Obsidian Twilight Campaign Setting.  (Part of the Red Cross blood donation offer.)  I should have responded earlier, but I neglected my e-mail over the holiday. I have not had time to fully absorb the PDF, but what little I have glanced at is impressive - particularly the artwork and layout which is immediately noticeable. I also have the pleasure of reading your blog.  In an effort to show my support as a "fan" rather than a mere "reader," I will be making additional inspired purchases from your catalog at RPGNOW shortly.

Your loyal customer,
Clarence Harrison

P.S.  I was very impressed with the dedication.

All I can really say to that is thank you for your support.  And writing the dedication in Obsidian Twilight was the most fun I had with that project.  Thanks again!  Talk to you later...

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  1. Has there been any word about when the printed copies will go out?