Friday, October 16, 2009

If Kaga is what a “good” Arcane Intelligence is, then what is a “evil” Arcane Intelligence is like?

Good question, here is better answer. Since I first came up with Kaga I always thought, “What kind of Arcane Intelligence would the First Ones come up with?” Well in the back in mind I answered that question via of comic book inspiration. And that inspiration came in the form in of Brainiac.

Brainiac is what I like in a villain, a simple idea expanded to the maximum effect. So if Kaga was all about being a location where all the arcan information could be accessed and used by all then this First One Arcane Intelligence would be get all the arcane knowledge and keep it for itself. And arcane knowledge that it could not control and take, it would destroy. Plus the skull shaped spacesuit is BAD ASS COOL!!!!!!!

This sounds like the villain you would like to add to your home NeoExodus: A House Divided games doesn’t it. I guess I have some work to do then. Talk to you later…