Sunday, October 4, 2009

[Devil’s Workshop] Enemies of NeoExodus: Brotherhood released

Louis Porter Jr. Design, in association with Devil’s Workshop, has released Enemies of NeoExodus: Brotherhood at and Here is information on this product:

There are movers and shakers in every world. Some talk loudly, walk loudly, and let their presence be known – it is in this way their influence is felt. Others are content to work behind the scenes, slowly, with precision strikes and careful plots. The Brotherhood are knives in the hands of these careful plotters. The Brotherhood was originally formed by Emok Zenkaya, who was not content with the methods that the Folding Circle was using to attain political control. He reasoned that power and influence are most easily garnered through carefully applied violence, and so set about constructing a group of seven deadly assassins. The other members of the Folding Circle agreed, and soon worked to assist Emok on his quest to build this new Brotherhood. This sourcebook includes:
  • History of the Brotherhood and their relation with the Folding Circle
  • Statistics, abilities and rules for all seven members of the Brotherhood (CR 8 – 14)
  • Brotherhood Miniature Counters
  • Monster Cards

Created by Neal Bailey. Available Here!!!