Monday, March 30, 2009

Stealing back from Steven, whom he stole back from me, which I stole from Wolfgang and Steven...and now Monte Cook.

OK, the title says it all on this one, so if you can't understand it here is the short version to get you caught up:

But now, I am modifying the modified modification of the patron project (Thanks to Monte Cook) and now we have...

The Ultimate Modification of the Patron Project Stolen (I mean Liberated) idea! Here it is:

You do the patron project (like Wolfgang and Steven) but you base it on a multi-payment system (like LPJ Design) but you put it online at a subscription based website (like Monte) so people can look at you developing the product from the ground up. And since this is a business blog, I have to show where and why that is a good idea to do business wise, so here goes:

Instead of charging a one-time $50 for a person to get behind the scenes and see what is going on and get access to the patron project, you charge the person on a low subscription fee (like $4-10 per month) and give them all kinds of new stuff each week or twice a week, (Every day can be a bit of over load to me but Monte does it well) but keep it up for only one month (30 days) after that take the released material down. So the longer you stay a subscriber the more you get and at the same time people who just come in for one month can’t just grab everything and bail for the low monthly price. Now on the business side, you can keep this site going on forever if you keep releasing product and material for it and when you get ready you can collect parts of it for PDF and based products.

This program would work very well if you wanted to do a “living campaign” like Living Arcanis or Pathfinder Society community. You could submit adventures to subscribed members in this fashion and have they play them at conventions of whatever. I think I could build the NeoExodus: A House Divided and Obsidian Twilight living campaigns they same way. Well I guess this is going to be a busy summer for me. Talk to you later…