Saturday, November 15, 2008

[Obsidian Twilight] Accepting Patrons for the Obsidian Twilight Parton Program

Louis Porter Jr. Design, in association with Devil’s Workshop, the Obsidian Twilight Patron Project is now accepting patrons for this project. The Obsidian Twilight Patron Project is inspired from asking the question, “If I combine the Dark Sun and Ravenloft settings, I get...” And from that source inspiration the setting of Obsidian Twilight was born.

“Being a huge fan of the D20/OGL license and the creative openness it brought to the world of RPGs, LPJ Design wanted to do another d20/OGL setting that the fan would love to play, but was really for a specific niche of player. With the 3.5 edition license for Ravenloft reverted back to WOTC and a 3.5 edition Dark Sun only being release as a one-time Paizo created product, a lot of rabid fans of those setting were missing their fix of gaming in those settings, when WOTC when to the 4.0 GSL edition. And I was one of those people who who loved both of the 3.5 OGL versions of the setting and didn't like the changes to 4.0 GSL,” commented Louis Porter Jr., owner of Louis Porter Jr. Design. “With the patron project concept created up by Wolfgang Baur, it seems that it would be a perfect application with Obsidian Twilight.”

As part of the creation process of Obsidian Twilight, LPJ Design will share the manuscript as it evolves over time (and the whole manuscript with some patrons). A Patron Project is a way to look inside the RPG design process, and to suggest changes to it as it is being written, developed and created. Interested parties buy in as patrons of the project. When the project reaches a threshold number of patrons, the project starts moving forward full force. The first manuscript will be open to patrons for play-testing. Patrons will choose which sections will be supported by interior artwork, and look over the shoulders of designers, editors and layout artists to offer suggestions and guidance on the various directions the project could take.

When you order, no matter the patron level, you will send an email to confirming that you purchased the patronage, tell us what e-mail you used to purchase the patronage via and what email we should use to contact you with. After that we will inform you with further instruction on what to do. You can choose from four different levels of patronage to support this project. Available here: