Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obsidian Twilight: Potential Artist

There are a few artists I would like to work with if this project of Obsidian Twilight does actually get off the ground. Here is my personal top list of arists:

1. Reiq: His art works says it all. Plus he makes very hot looking women.

2. Jeff Wamester: We have wanted to work together for a while and this might be the right project for both of us.

3. Stanley Lau: Amazing style of work.

4. David Grier: Very cool gallery with a good sense of style.

5. Sergio Quijada: very solid artist with a respected repuation.

6. Chester Ocampo: An Imaginary Friends artist with talent to spare.

7. Catherine Lu: SUPER-Talented!!!!!

8. Ya Lee: His portfolio says it all.

9. James Ryman: Lots of RPG/CCG experience

10. Andrew AKA HOON: Just look at his website. Amazing.

So if this project does get off the ground we might actually have the money to pay these guys the rate they are looking for. We will see how this turns out. Talk to you later...