Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Now Available: Super Powered Vehicles: Red Scarab’s Scarab Bug

Louis Porter Jr. Design, in association with Devil’s Workshop, has released Super Powered Vehicles: Red Scarab’s Scarab Bug at RPGNow.com and DriveThruRPG.com. Here is information on this product: Every super hero group has one. The X-Men have Blackbird, The JSA have the Silver Eagle, the Fantastic Four have the Fansticar. But what do your superheroes have? The next vehicle in the series of vehicles for super powered super hero teams: Super Powered Vehicles. And with this release we give you the Red Scarab’s Scarab Bug. This set gives you everything you need to build and use a multi-level Scarab Bug for your super hero team. It does not matter if you are flying across town to stop on rampaging giant monster or to outer space to stop an alien invasion these tiles will add detail and excitement to your next super hero or science fiction RPG or miniatures game. It also comes with a blank tile set so you can design your vehicle as you want to and a datafax sheet to record the vehicles statistics. Created by Louis Porter Jr. Design. Available at RPGNow.