Wednesday, July 23, 2008

[Devil’s Workshop] Races of NeoExodus: Tieflings released

Louis Porter Jr. Design, in association with Devil’s Workshop, has released the first supplement for its upcoming fantast setting NeoExodus: A House Divided setting, Races of NeoExodus: Tieflings at Here is information on this product:

Unknown and invisible, the Tieflings are shadows in the desert. Their blood is tainted by the influence of an ancient, devouring force, the full nature of which is mysterious even to them. The dark secrets of their people have led to a hidden society that blends cruelty and loyalty, freedom and slavery, and life and death into a single whole.
This supplement includes:

  • All the information to play the Tieflings as PC Race including Personality and Relations.
  • Plus an all new Tiefling Paragon Class
  • Nearly 10 All New Tiefling Feats including Deadly Critical, Life Siphon, Step of the Sand and Wind and Unearthly Precision.
  • Tiefling Personality Traits and Tiefling Family
  • Tiefling Counters
  • Initiative and Monster Cards

This 15 page PDF is just the sort of thing needed for DMs to get started playing in the fantasy world of NeoExodus. Written by Neal Bailey. Available Here: