Thursday, February 28, 2008

Three Sides of the Truth

About 9 months, Tim Hitchcock of the Werecabbages did and adevnture for NeoExodus: A House Divided called Three Sides of the Truth. The adventure was very intersted with a lot of twists and turns in the adventure. I though it would definately help sell the NeoExodus: A House Divided setting to more people. But all it needed was new cover art (we were using a variation of this cover art for placement) and the maps done. So I plut this on the "back burner" until I could find art and maps. Fast forward 9 month, well it finally looks like I found an artist for the cover (see the image here), and I have done the majority of the maps myself. So it looks like FINALLY, Three Sides of the Truth will be released in March some time. Here is a quick write-up on the adventure. Enjoy:

Throughout the civilized nations of Exodus, the Imperial Alliance provides a neutral forum for political negotiations, diplomatic relations, and international trade. While they have made incredible steps towards keeping peace and unifying the empire, breaking down longstanding racial and political tensions between the varied nations remains a difficult task.

To placate social unrest in its most volatile regions, the Alliance initiated an outreach program based on the construction of protasylums, independent settlements governed by Alliance consulates and mostly occupied by Alliance troops. Protasylums have become crucial in Alliance efforts to bring resolution to the war-torn nations of Abbaddon, Cordel, and Sametia. These three vehemently opposed nations border along a fertile and heavily populated stretch of land divided by the Abbaddon River known as the Axis Region. To help ease hostilities, the Alliance built one of their largest protasylums to date, known as Protasylum-Six. The settlement has grown rapidly and spawned several large ghettos representing the region’s vast ethnic diversity.

Recently, resource shortages caused by the repeated caravan strikes of desert clan raiders has caused industry to suffer, and the settlement is wallowing in wake of unemployment and increased criminal activity. Hardest hit were the hundreds of disenfranchised youth who came seeking jobs under the Alliances free-trade edicts. Anti-Alliance gangs solicit many of these youths to serve as frontline terrorists and street soldiers opposed to foreign occupation or participants in century old rivalries between the Armanian Protectorates and Dominion supporters still loyal to the Khagan.

Alliance chancellors are at odds over current proposals to cope with these rising threats. Most of the senior council members remain supportive of House Senator push to further nonviolent, open negotiations, though few support those initiatives that would permit Armanian Clans to join or even represent themselves within the Alliance. In direct opposition, chief military chancellor Vassim Isylar’s push for temporary martial law is gaining popularity. Upon his orders, police forces have doubled and dozens of arrests seem to have slowed some of the criminal activities. In truth, his aggressive policing only drove dissenters underground, and if anything, increased the fervor of ethnocentric insurgents who martyr arrest victims.

As a result, political rivalry between the remaining chancellors has weakened the overall authority of the Alliance, spinning Protasylum-Six precariously towards political implosion. Now the shadows quell with Dominion warlords and hungry splinter-cells of Protectorate insurgents, all waiting for the collapse of the Alliance leadership and poised to seize control of the strategically located settlement.

nfrom here it only get crazier. Look for Three Sides of the Truth available soon at RPGNow and Paizo.