Saturday, November 10, 2007

Top ten Product Views on OBS

The following products are the top ten product view I have gotten on One Book Shelf AKA and Drive Thru RPG:

Modern Day Maps: 20,630
Modern Day Maps X: 16,890
Haven: City of Violence d20 Modern: 15,623
Race Creation Cookbook: 14,102
D20 Shakespeare: Macbeth: 12,515
Prototype: Gun Priest: 12,592
D20 Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet: 11,678
NeoExodus Adventures: Gel: 11,606
Little Black Drug Book: 11,594
Bleeding Edge: Ammunition: 11,503

Now some of these products were not a surprise (Modern Day Maps and X) while others were (Little Black Drug Book). It is good to know that this list covers a wide view of product from different genres. Just a little thing to think about in business. Talk to you later...

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