Sunday, September 30, 2007

At the movies...

I went to go see The Kingdom and I really enjoed this movie. As of late I have been focausing watching Muslim based terrorist shows like Sleeper Cell and I think I have a better understanding of the Muslim extremist. These types of shows I also think translate very well into Modern and Espionage based RPG games and concepts. I hope to have some thing out very soon based off of this area of terrorist and politics. If you get a second go check it out.

PS: One of the scenes in the film that blows my mind not because the theme of the story or action but when walking into a building, there is a kid walking out wearing a NWA T-Shirt while another kid has jis hat to the side in typical b-boy fashion. Once again Hip-Hop takes over the world.

Also, I have dowload the full 3rd season of Regenesis and this show is a lot of fun. It is like CSI but focusing on the arena of biological and genetic technology and development. If you get a second check out Regenesis.

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