Monday, August 6, 2007

The Top Ten Comic Book Villians I Like!!!

In alphabetical order:

  • Brainiac -- Classic super villain with a GREAT modern update. Always and enjoyable threat to see.
  • Captain Cold -- Just read Geoff John issue when he tell you Captain Cold’s origin. Geoff Johns is my master now.
  • Charon -- Nothing better that a mad god like being who wants to take over the universe.
  • Doctor Doom -- Come on. It’s Doom!
  • Deathstroke the Terminator -- Captain America if he was a bad guy.
  • Lono -- All I can say is, “You ain’t the boss of me!”
  • Red Skull -- Captain American is my favorite hero, what did you expect.
  • Sinestro -- The universe’s greatest ego maniac with the universe most power weapon. Did you really expect he to turn out any other way?
  • Ultron -- If you are going to do killer robots who hate humanity then you have to start with the king of killer robots who hate humanity.
  • Zoom -- Nothing is more scary and crazy then some one who is willing to hurt you even kill you to help you to become a better person or hero.

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