Monday, May 21, 2007

Picking fights

It always interests me when people pick a fight with me. I am not really into bullies so I have no problem being complete at absolutely down in the gutter dirty with them. And I dig conflict and a way to improve one's self (I am totally a Babylon 5 Shadow follower) but most people aren't really into conflict. They are not big on fighting. Gareth is one of those types. Sure he talks big, but He is the first one "to cry" in these situations when things go against him. Basically, I think Tay Lee said it best to me when he described the RPG industry very much like the Rap Music industry. A lot of people get in conflict with each other to "prove that they are the top dog". What it really is is a marketing ploy to sell more CDs. And Gareth is one who needs to sell more products. Or at least finish the ones he starts. Talk to you later...

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