Saturday, April 14, 2007

The First Ones ... The Sobeka

I while back I showed you a picture of this reptile looking guy that just happened to show up on the NeoExodus Starter Kit. With me working on the Races of the First Ones I though it migh be fun to give you a little more on that front. This race of the First Ones is called the Sobeka. They are a Monsterous Humanoid race that have the focus of being the [CLASSIFIED] [CLASSIFIED] of the First One. The Sobeka's releationship with the [CLASSIFIED], [CLASSIFIED], and [CLASSIFIED] and the other First Ones has place them in a very interesting position within the world of Exodus. There abilities of [CLASSIFIED] and [CLASSIFIED] make them great [CLASSIFIED] for your games. But most intersting of all their are TWO VERY DIFFERNET TYPES of Sobeka: the Kroca and the Kobura. Now you have to figure out, which one was in the image. Talk to you later.